What I'm Working On

Publisher Update

Once the editing of Lilly is finished, I will send queries to prospective agents. If an agent agrees to represent Lilly, they will then find a publisher. I will provide updates as there is anything to report.

Lilly, The Ancient One and 4M4L13

Lilly has been submitted to Ellen Brock, a freelance editor. She has a wonderful YouTube channel, which I highly recommend if you are an aspiring writer, or simply want to hone your craft as a writer. I can't wait to get her report and begin what I hope to be the final edit.

Untitled Pyrokinetic Story

I recently had a dream about a girl who has pyrokinesis. In other words, she can start fires with her mind. This has just begun, so not much to tell right now.

Untitled Story - 11/09/2017 - The Cat Girl

One of the items I'm struggling with is coming up with a name for the MCs people. My thought is to make her part of a hidden race. To do so, I need a native word.  I'm hesitant to create a word from whole cloth, but I may have to do so as the natives in the region I want to base her people from are not replying to inquiries. I'd really like a word from them so it'd be properly respectful of the native cultures of the region. I guess I'll wait a bit longer and if I continue to meet silence, I'll do what I must.

An Untitled Novel

This is about a girl that was created through a magical ritual that went awry.  She has powers unlike anything the mages of the world have ever seen.  In addition, up until she comes, magic can only be channeled by males.  It is not a legal restriction, but women are simply unable to channel magic.  There is another surprise in the works in this story, but I need to write it.

This should be a stand alone novel, if things go as I currently intend.  We'll see...

UPDATE:  After a discussion with my son, he thinks this should be two or three novels. In other words, it looks to be a trilogy. His ideas are very good, so we'll see.


The Unexpected War (tentative title)

This is an Oakmont story, and will be the fourth in the saga.  This story will get into the Russian/Chinese alliance against the United States with regard to the Oakmont project.  Needless to say, Melanie will be there, probably with Aliyah as well, and I know there will be another big character...or two.

First Sequel to Istarnia

This will continue the adventures of Arlan as he travels to Arafant.  At least that is the current plan, but you know how plans go.

Second Sequel to Istarnia

At this point, the plan is definitely becoming more vague, but I think this will be the story when Arlan goes to Orisimar for the first time and claims his birthright.  We'll see if that is how it turns out.

Untitled Idea

 A boy wakes up, after hitting his head really hard, with memories of his life to come.  Those memories are fresher than memories from the day before in his current life and time.  It’s as if he actually lived the life ahead of him, and then returned. 

Other Ideas

 In total, I have about 10 ideas written in my journal, not counting the Istarnia novels or The Unexpected War.  As I have dreams that I think could make good stories, I write them down.  We'll see which of them actually become one of my completed works. Some are not YA novels, which means I'll need to create a new persona, if I write them. I don't want any fans of my YA stories to pick up one of the others, with a false expectation. The future is yet to be seen, though, and I don't know where this writing habit of mine will take me.