What I'm Working On

Untitled Story - 11/09/2017 - The Alien Girl

Although the title may give you a hint of what this story is about, you won't get it.  I've just begun this story, and I'm already liking it...a lot.  Can't wait to see where Amy leads us.  Oops...I wasn't supposed to give you guys anything.  Oh well...

Fourth Birth (Possibly to be retitled Deception)

Although I believe it probably still needs more editing, from a real editor, I've completed my editing.  The 2nd edition has been loaded to all platforms I have it on, other than WattPad and Inkitt.  Those will be a bit slower, if they even get the updated version.

I still haven't committed to renaming it, but that's partially due to the fact I can't afford to have the cover redone.  We'll see what happens as we move forward.  I also submitted it to an agent and was rejected, unfortunately with no reason why.  I expected the rejection, but it'd have been nice to know why I was rejected, so I could improve.  Such is life.

Untitled Story - 08/08/2017

This is now complete and posted to inkitt and Wattpad, although I still haven't come up with a title, or a cover, or much of anything else.  Don't fear, though.  I still have to let it sit and age for a bit before I pull the 'manuscript' back out, dust it off, and proceed to butcher it (edit it).  Once I've completed the second draft, I'll turn it over to my select group of readers to find holes in it.  So, this one is now going to be on hiatus for about six weeks, or so.

The Demon's Bowl

It is finally finished.  At least, the first draft is complete.  Now to let it sit and age, then I will pull it back out and go through it with a red pen.  Once that's done, I'll hand it to my reading group for them to pick through it.  Once that final step is complete, I will officially publish it.


 This is a novel in a fantasy realm, and will be the first in the series.  The title is still undetermined, although I am currently calling it Istarnia.  The series name is also undetermined.  The first novel is approximately half completed, has resumed.  Yippeee...I'm working on it again! 

An Untitled Novel

This is about a girl that was created through a magical ritual that went awry.  She has powers unlike anything the mages of the world have ever seen.  In addition, up until she comes, magic can only be channeled by males.  It is not a legal restriction, but women are simply unable to channel magic.  There is another surprise in the works in this story, but I need to write it.

This should be a stand alone novel, if things go as I currently intend.  We'll see...


The Unexpected War (tentative title)

This is an Oakmont story, and will be the fourth in the saga.  This story will get into the Russian/Chinese alliance against the United States with regard to the Oakmont project.  Needless to say, Melanie will be there, probably with Aliyah as well, and I know there will be another big character...or two.


This one is going to take a while to work out.  It is a very dark story, probably more of a horror story slash mystery slash suspense.  It involves a demon possessing people and committing heinous crimes.  Definitely still in development, although I have written a tiny bit of it.

I have been informed that another book with a very similar story line already exists, much to my chagrin.  I'm going to leave this idea in place, for now, but if I decide that I can't make this work, I'll remove it from the site.

First Sequel to Istarnia

This will continue the adventures of Arlan as he travels to Arafant.  At least that is the current plan, but you know how plans go.

Second Sequel to Istarnia

At this point, the plan is definitely becoming more vague, but I think this will be the story when Arlan goes to Orisimar for the first time and claims his birthright.  We'll see if that is how it turns out.

Untitled Idea

 A boy wakes up, after hitting his head really hard, with memories of his life to come.  Those memories are fresher than memories from the day before in his current life and time.  It’s as if he actually lived the life ahead of him, and then returned.