What I'm Working On

Publisher Update

Discussions are ongoing a potential publisher. He is interested in Lilly, and has provided some items needing attention before they offer a contract. Those suggestions have been completed and submitted. Once he is done perusing the revised manuscript, he may offer a contract. Should that happen, Lilly will be withdrawn from all channels, and will not be released until the publishing company deems the completed product ready for release.

Lilly, The Ancient One and 4M4L13

All three of these stories are finished, and posted to Wattpad and Inkitt.  The new cover for Lilly is also posted, but I do not have a cover for The Ancient One or 4M4L13 yet.  Lilly has been through three rounds of editing, but the other two have gone through only one round.

Who Is Tom Straw?

I had a dream Monday morning, and that dream has formed the foundation for what might be my first thriller novel.  We'll see how it comes out, but I'm very excited about it.  I've already written the prologue, and part of the first chapter, but have paused to make sure I know where I'm  going with the story.  Of course, the title may change by the time the story is finished.

Untitled Story - 11/09/2017 - The Cat Girl

Although the title may give you a hint of what this story is about, you won't get it.  I've just begun this story, and I'm already liking it...a lot.  Can't wait to see where Amy leads us.  Oops...I wasn't supposed to give you guys anything.  Oh well...

An Untitled Novel

This is about a girl that was created through a magical ritual that went awry.  She has powers unlike anything the mages of the world have ever seen.  In addition, up until she comes, magic can only be channeled by males.  It is not a legal restriction, but women are simply unable to channel magic.  There is another surprise in the works in this story, but I need to write it.

This should be a stand alone novel, if things go as I currently intend.  We'll see...


 This is a novel in a fantasy realm, and will be the first in the series.  The title is still undetermined, although I am currently calling it Istarnia.  The series name is also undetermined.  The first novel is approximately half completed, and work has resumed.  Yippeee...I'm working on it again! 


The Unexpected War (tentative title)

This is an Oakmont story, and will be the fourth in the saga.  This story will get into the Russian/Chinese alliance against the United States with regard to the Oakmont project.  Needless to say, Melanie will be there, probably with Aliyah as well, and I know there will be another big character...or two.


This one is going to take a while to work out.  It is a very dark story, probably more of a horror story slash mystery slash suspense.  It involves a demon possessing people and committing heinous crimes.  Definitely still in development, although I have written a tiny bit of it.

I have been informed that another book with a very similar story line already exists, much to my chagrin.  I'm going to leave this idea in place, for now, but if I decide that I can't make this work, I'll remove it from the site.

First Sequel to Istarnia

This will continue the adventures of Arlan as he travels to Arafant.  At least that is the current plan, but you know how plans go.

Second Sequel to Istarnia

At this point, the plan is definitely becoming more vague, but I think this will be the story when Arlan goes to Orisimar for the first time and claims his birthright.  We'll see if that is how it turns out.

Untitled Idea

 A boy wakes up, after hitting his head really hard, with memories of his life to come.  Those memories are fresher than memories from the day before in his current life and time.  It’s as if he actually lived the life ahead of him, and then returned. 

Other Ideas

 In total, I have about 10 ideas written in my journal, not counting the Istarnia novels or The Unexpected War.  As I have dreams that I think could make good stories, I write them down.  We'll see which of them actually become one of my completed works.