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Cover Art

All cover art for these books has been created by Mark Birge-Anderson.  He has been great to work with on each of these projects.  His art is incredible, and he has quite the impressive resume.

Mark's Sketchbook


Portraits of the author are courtesy of Justin Connaher.  He is an award winning photographer for the Department Of Defense.  His photography is inspiring, and I can't think him enough for providing such good portraits.

Justin's Portfolio


She has only seen a sample of Lilly, but I want to go ahead and give credit to Ellen Brock on the assumption she will edit Lilly for me. Yes, this is a paying job, but if things go as I expect, she'll deserve the credit posted here.

Ellen Brock


50 Best Wattpad Stories of 2018

Awarded for The Ancient One.

Awarded for The Ancient One