Joshua Lee Brooks

The Joy of Josh

Joshua came to us in July 2005, and for 11 wonderful years, we were able to bask in the joy he brought us.  He was a very loving boy, randomly bestowing hugs on his Momma and me, whenever the urge took him.  Sure, he had his moments, but doesn't every kid?

At School

At his funeral, his science teacher told us that he had wanted to use his birthday money to buy two liter drink bottles so every kid in the class would have one for their science project.  At the beginning of the school year, he struggled with what instrument he would play, although everyone knew he was meant to be a percussionist.  Eventually, even he admitted it, and committed to that path.  However, there were a lot of kids wanting to play percussion, and a 6th grade band can't have nearly 20 percussionists, so a tryout ensued.  Joshua made the cut, and was so incredibly proud.

Joshua Has Left us

On September 13, 2016, Joshua left us, due to a giant cerebral aneurysm.  It was completely unexpected, and rocked our world.  There are no words that can ever describe the pain, and the sudden inability to breathe or put two thoughts together.  This world is a bit dimmer without my little boy here, but God called him home, and home he is.  I can't wait to see him again.